Before completing his final year of med school at the University of Pittsburgh, Jake Foster, 27, chooses a hospital rotation in Los Angeles, in order to reconnect with his musician brother, Jake, 29.  After saying a loving good-bye to Kate, his fiancée, he arrives in LA where the brothers affirm their deep family bond, seeing each other for the first time in a couple years.  The plan is to stay in his brother’s Echo Park bungalow while commuting to the UCLA emergency room.

    Jake’s just getting settled when the unthinkable happens – Dylan is murdered in downtown LA during a random car jacking perpetrated by a black gang member.  Compounding the tragedy, Jake feels responsible for his brother’s death – he’s the one who helped him to his feet after the shooting.  If only he’d left him on the ground, Dylan would still be alive.

    Frustrated by the LAPD’s lack of action, Jake travels alone to Compton to undertake the initial leg work in the investigation.  He quickly discovers that the community wants no part of this white interloper asking questions about a world he doesn’t understand. 

    In order to create a cover for himself, he drops out of the medical rotation at UCLA and gets a full-time EMT job with an ambulance company that has a station in Compton.  Now he’s got the required cover, but the black EMTs on station – Rainey,  KT, Wolf and Gary -- want no part of him.  They think he’s a company plant sent to keep an eye on their comings and goings. 

    Despite being unwanted, Jake makes a couple allies while keeping his eye trained for the murderer.  Soon he finds a photograph in a neighborhood tattoo parlor of the killer’s unique marking – a chest tattoo of a smoking .357 with the letters R.I.P.  After hours, he breaks into the parlor and steals the suspect’s address, then delivers the info to the lead LAPD investigator,  Detective Butler.  When the detective follows up but finds nothing but a dead end, Jake ups the ante – he confronts the suspect himself, at gunpoint.

    This decision trigger a series of of unforseen events:  a gang retaliation, a fight with Rainey in the station, the end of his relationship with Kate, his arrest.  Ultimately, he identifies Rainey and KT as members of Kompton Piru, the gang responsible for his brother’s murder.  The deeper Jake goes, the more complicated everything gets, including learning things about his brother that he never wanted to learn.

    When the final confrontation comes, fast and furious and unexpected, face to face with the .357, Jack must decide the course of his life – whether to kill, or to spare the life of the man who murdered his brother.