This project got its start when my mother Louise read Cynthia Voigt’s young adult novel Homecoming and recommended it as a story that might become a great film.  I shared the book with Mark Jean, who also loved the story and its characters.  Then began the hard work of getting a movie made and, as you can see, we succeeded! 

        Mark and I wrote the screenplay, Mark directed the film, Toyomichi Kurita did the cinematography, Jack Baran and Shiro Sasaki produced, W.G. Snuffy Walden wrote the music, Nancy Richardson edited.

        Anne Bancroft plays the title role of Ab Tillerman.  In my estimation, it is one of her strongest performances in the latter part of her distinguished career.  The young actors playing Ab’s grandchildren are Kimberlee Peterson, Trever O’Brien, Hanna R. Hall, and William Greenblatt.  All did a superb job!

        What happens when a mother rousts her four children out of bed in the middle of the night, then abandons them the next day en route to they know not where? 

        Please watch HOMECOMING, and find out!

            To watch the film’s trailer:  


            To watch Dicey meet her grandmother Ab for the first time: 


         To watch Ab comfort Maybeth, the most vulnerable of the children: 


            To download the screenplay: 

The music track is from Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg and Edgar Meyer, “The Travels of Mr. Hulot,” found on their cd, SKIP, HOP & HOBBLE.  Douglas and Barenberg both play on the HOMECOMING score.