BEAST OF BATAAN  (drama, WW2 war crimes trial)

	I co-wrote this screenplay for producers Mel Brooks and Jonathan Sanger.

	Logline:  When a young American officer is chosen to defend the Japanese general held responsible for the Bataan Death March, he goes against all cultural dictates and expectation to defend his client to the nth degree.

THE COLD TRUTH  (detective/thriller)

	I adapted this screenplay from the novel by Jonathan Stone.

	Logline:  When a young woman is viciously murdered, a smart but inexperienced female police chief must find the killer in a small town before she becomes the next victim. 

DICEY’S SONG  (drama, coming of age)
	I co-wrote this screenplay from Cynthia Voigt’s Newbery-winning novel of the same name. 

	Logline:  When her mother mysteriously disappears, a 13-year-old girl struggles to keep her younger brothers and sister together as a family, while fending off a hostile custody battle and coming into her own as a young woman.

GEMINI SUMMER  (drama, coming of age)

	I co-wrote this screenplay from Iain Lawrence’s novel of the same name; winner of Canada’s Governor General Award

	Logline:  After the oldest River boy is killed in a tragic accident, young Danny is the only one who recognizes the spirit of his departed brother in the sudden appearance of stray dog -- together they go on a quest to make his brother’s dream come true.

HAUNTED SISTER  (ghost story/thriller)

	I adapted this screenplay from the novel by Lael Littke.

	Logline:  When a teenager almost dies in a car crash, she meets her long-dead, vengeful twin sister on ‘the other side,’ who abducts her body, returns to life with her -- controlling everything she says and does – and systematically destroys her life.

R.I.P.  (action/thriller)

        I co-wrote this screenplay, based in part on my experience working as an ambulance driver in Compton, California.

        Logline:  Devastated by his brother’s murder and determined to find the killer, a med student goes undercover in gangland Los Angeles, the only white EMT at an all-black ambulance station.


SAFE HOUSE  (espionage thriller/romance)

	This screenplay was inspired from the story of an East Berlin woman profiled in David Murphy’s Battleground Berlin:  CIA vs KGB, a comprehensive book on spycraft as practiced during the US/Soviet Cold War.

	Logline:  When a young American CIA operative selects and guides an inexperienced East Berliner in the demanding art of espionage, they fall in love, violating one of the few prohibitions of the Berlin CIA operation, and compromise a mission that could prevent war with the Soviets.

        I’ve written numerous screenplays, working alone and in collaboration with others.  Some scripts are original, others adapted from books.  My most recent project is LITTLE ISLAND OF JOY (drama, historical romance).
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Screenplay, Act 1SCREENPLAYS_files/HAUNTED%20SISTER-Act%201.pdf
Screenplay, Act 1SCREENPLAYS_files/SAFE%20HOUSE-Act%201.pdf

The music track is “Arabia,” played by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman from their cd Garcia/Grisman.

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        This original script explores the single time in Helen Keller’s life, at the age of 36, when she secretly rebelled against the very people who were doing their utmost to protect her.

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