Five-year-old identical twins go on family vacation to their grandparents’ mountain home.  Janine is well-adjusted and artistic.  Lenore is jealous, resentful of the loving relationship her sister has with their mother.  Then the unthinkable happens.  In early morning, the twins wander off to a lake in the woods, where one girl drowns.  Fade to black.

            Twelve years later, Janine is in her senior year of high school.  She’s still the same well-adjusted girl, living with her parents, younger brother Will and Boomer, her beloved Irish Setter.

            One rainy morning, Janine makes the fateful decision to skip school with Scott, the boy she loves.  On the slippery streets of Pasadena, a van hits their car, seriously injuring both teenagers.

            Janine has a near-death experience on the ‘other side,’ an ethereal woods where she meets her dead grandfather.  She also meets her twin Lenore, a scary little girl whose drowning is still evidenced by wet hair and wrinkled skin.  Lenore accuses Janine of ‘taking her life.’  The grandfather urges Janine to return to the living, but she must hurry, or be trapped in the dead zone.  Lenore demands to go with her.  Frightened, Janine begins running.  Her dead twin pursues in a desperate chase through the woods.

            At the hospital, while recovering in ICU, the ghostly spirit of the little girl watches over Janine.  Before Janine emerges from her coma, Lenore merges with her sister’s body.  When Janine wakes, Lenore is inside, soon making inappropriate remarks and vying for control of her sister’s body.

            Before Janine leaves the hospital, Lenore wins that battle, declaring that she will live through Janine’s body and control everything she says and does.

            Now Lenore wants to partake in all the fun things she missed out on.  That’s well and good, but she also wants to do things that violate her sister’s identity:  stealing, dropping boyfriend Scott while he’s still in recovery, destroying her relationship with her best friend, going out with a dangerous boy.  Gradually, she destroys every aspect of her sister’s life.

            Through these events, Lenore torments Janine, who remains a silent prisoner inside her own body.  Despite her dominance, Lenore struggles with her conscience and the awful truth of what she, Lenore, did on the day that of the drowning. 

            And once she knows, can she bear the awful truth?