by Mark Jean & Christopher C. Carlson


Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) selected Puddlejumpers for its esteemed Top Shelf Fiction listing, recognizing it as one of the best books of ’08. 


The Los Angles Braille Institute honored the book, making Puddlejumpers its premier selection for their 2009 Summer Reading Program.  The book will be available in Braille libraries throughout the country.

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"A reader cannot begin this journey of self-discovery with Ernie without vicariously walking beside him, all the way back home.”

Voice of Youth  Advocates (VOYA)


"The Puddlejumpers are creatures who travel through water to reach their underground homes.  Following a prophecy, they kidnap and raise a baby who will be their savior.  When they lose him, the boy, Ernie, grows up a disconnected orphan, ignorant of his true parents and his destiny.  An odd premise quickly evolves into a suspenseful and unique coming-of-age story.”

EJM, Horn Book Guide, Fall 2008


“It has good mystery, great suspense, and exciting battle action!  What more could you ask for?  The writing and language are superbly done and it’s hard to put down … it hooked me from the first chapter and held me to the end.  This definitely qualifies as one of my favorites of the year!"

  1.  Literate Lives

  2.  http://literatelives.blogspot.com/search?q=Puddlejumpers

Puddlejumpers is a magical story … a fast-paced tale with an intriguing plot, incredible creatures and memorable characters."

  1.  Kidsreads.com

  2.  http://www.kidsreads.com/reviews/9781423107590.asp

Puddlejumpers is my pick so far for the best fantasy book this year.”

Newtons Book News -- Best of  the Best List for 2008

  1.  http://newtonsbook.com/2009/01/16/best-of-the-best-of-2008/

“I really liked Puddlejumpers and think it would be a great book for readers of all levels.  I think this book would be especially great for reluctant readers, as it incorporates a little bit of action, adventure, fantasy, and sports!!  What more could you ask for?”

  1.  TeensReadToo.com

(Puddlejumpers was published by Hyperion Books for Children in 2008.  The  paperback edition came out in 2009, which includes a reader’s study guide.) An audio book is also available.