Berlin, 1948.  The once mighty capital lies in ruins from the devastation of World War Two, but as the German populace struggles to survive, a new war festers in the shattered streets -- this one between an army of spies, all clamoring for a stake in the future of Europe. 


            It’s the first salvo of the Cold War and for this high stakes game the CIA chooses the most unlikely of spies, Ingrid Delbruck, a striking blue eyed housekeeper who relinquishes her once-ordinary identity in return for the promise of money and freedom in the West.  Ingrid is plunged into a deceptive game of espionage where true intentions and allegiance are never clear and one misstep will result in death.  But Ingrid is fearless and rises to the challenge.

            Ingrid’s handler is a young CIA officer named Jack Mahaffrey.  He’s on his first assignment against the KGB, the most ruthless spy agency in the world.  He’s the one who initiates her to the tools of spycraft.  Together they’re caught up in an extraordinary operation that demands uncommon bravery as Ingrid uncovers a deep secret that unfolds into the first major battle of the Cold War. 

            With her life on the line and no one she can trust, Ingrid relies on Jack to guide her.  As their relationship grows, Jack offers Ingrid something that she needs, something she lost during the war -- love.  Although hardened by the loss of her family and the brutality of war, Ingrid softens and falls for Jack’s smooth style. 


             It’s all Jack can do to resist her charm, because for him Ingrid is forbidden fruit.  In CIA parlance, the rule is cut and dry, “Never sleep with the talent.”  But when they’re alone in the Safe House and the sparks fly, Jack falls hard and breaks the golden rule.  He’s putting himself and the mission at risk but it’s a gamble Jack is willing to take.

            SAFE HOUSE is an intelligent thriller about love, valor, and the art of espionage where Jack and Ingrid’s passionate relationship is pushed to its limit against the backdrop of cataclysmic world events.